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CORUI Tuya WiFi Smart Wirel...


Brand Name: CoRui

Origin: Mainland China

Features: 2 Gang Tuya WiFi/ZigBee 6 Scene Switch Push Button

Material: Plastic


Warranty: --


Certification: none

Certification: none

Model Number: 2 Gang Tuya WiFi/ZigBee Wireless Push Button 6 Scene Switch

Is Smart Device: YES

Type 1: 2 Gang

Type 2: 6 Scene

Type 3: Tuya

Type 4: Smart Life

Type 5: WiFi/ZigBee

Type 6: Smart Switch

Type 7: Push Button

Type 8: Controller

Type 9: Battery Powered

Type 10: Automation Scenario

Type 11: Automation Modules

Type 12: Tuya Devices

Type 13: Remote

Type 14: Transmitter

Support 1: Wholesale/Dropshipping

Support 2: Drop Ship

Support Retail: Support Fast Shipping

CORUI Tuya WiFi Smart Wireless Switch Push Button Controller 2Gang Smart Controller Automation Scenario Smart Home Gadget


Product Name: Wireless Scene Switch

Size: 21×51×16.5mm

Weight: 18.5g

Battery (WiFi version): AAA*2 (not included)

Battery (Zigbee version): CR2032 (including battery)

Working temperature: 5℃-60℃

Working humidity: 20%—80%RH

Wireless Protocol: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi; Zigbee 3.0

Working voltage: DC 3V


uses for two switch:

Set different control effects by single-click, -click, and long-press three actions, and you can control three or three groups of devices at the same time. For example, single-click to turn on/off the floor lamp, double-click to turn on/off the air conditioner, long press to turn off all home appliances, etc.

Intelligent linkage:

The wireless scene switch can be linked to the smart appliances in the home, enabling one-key to turn on/off the smart appliances in the home.

Wireless control placed at will:

Can be pasted, can be placed on the stage, more convenient to use, a variety of scenes are available.

Package Included:

1*Wireless Scene Switch

1*User Manual



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